Worst Outfits To Wear During A Surveillance Gig

Outfits NOT to Wear When Heading on a Surveillance Mission

There are great outfits for investigations and outfits that should never cross your mind when it comes to doing a surveillance job. Be sure not to wear anything busy, Hawaiian shirt are definite no-go. There is nothing that could possibly bring more attention to you than a Hawaiian shirt. Another thing to be sure not to wear when getting ready to head to a surveillance job are sports jerseys. The only time this would be appropriate is if you’re doing surveillance at a sports game, then by all means wear a jersey for one of the teams playing. Make sure that you’re thinking smart when deciding what jersey to wear, the best thing for you to do is to wear the home teams jersey, we’ve all seen the crazy brawls that have taken place at sporting events, the less attention you bring to yourself the better. Clothing with large logos are another item to add to the no-go list, these just scream “look at me, look at me!”

I would say these last few items are for the women but you never know, so men be aware as well! Nothing low cut, it might be something that you don’t think of when getting ready on a daily basis but when you’re going on a job, you need to be sure not to wear anything too low. You also never want to wear miniskirts, or short-shorts, this will bring unwanted attention to you as well. Finally, no sequins or glittery clothing items, this will definitely bring you lots of unwanted attention, your best bet is to save the sequins for a fun party or your birthday, a surveillance job definitely is not the time for glitter and sparkles.

You want to wear the plain, non-flashy, normal clothing when heading to a surveillance job. Do yourself a favor and throw on a black t-shirt, jeans, and baseball cap. Remember, less is more when it comes to what you should be wearing on a surveillance job.