Lunch and Learn


Learn How to Protect Yourself, Your Family, and Your Valuables at “Lunch and Learn” Events

Desnoes Investigations isn’t a private investigations firm dedicated to our clients alone. Instead, we feel a firm responsibility to serve our community. Through Lunch and Learn events, we can do just that.

What are Lunch and Learn Events?

Lunch and Learn events are simple: They’re short events where you can learn how we keep our clients protected and how you can take proactive steps to do the same for yourself. Doing so is essential when you want to protect not only your identity but also your home, children, and valuables.

In today’s uncertain times, knowledge like this is integral to your safety and the safety of those you love. It’s our pleasure to offer our expertise to the community and by doing so, we take pride in making our community more secure while offering individuals peace of mind.

Sign Up for Our Next Lunch and Learn Event

If your identity, family, home, or valuables have ever been of concern to you, a Lunch and Learn event is the perfect opportunity to learn small steps you can take to protect yourself and those you love.

To learn more or to sign up for an event, contact us at 954-975-0210 or send us an email at

We look forward to offering you some of the same benefits our clients enjoy to keep you, and the South Florida community, safe.