The Paper Kites – Twelvefour (2015) 18

The Paper Kites – Twelvefour (2015) 18


The Paper Kites – Twelvefour (2015) 18

Twelvefour is the second album by Australian band The Paper Kites. In a similar vein to their debut States, the eleven-track release .Q:

Why is “going mad” not considered a medical emergency?

Wikipedia describes a medical emergency as:

a situation which, if not treated quickly or properly, may result in death, permanent disability, disfigurement, or other serious health consequences.

What about going mad? Aren’t we talking about a similar situation? A person who goes mad is usually believed to have been damaged by genetics (the body is not quite right), by something in their environment, by stress, or even (in many cases) with no obvious cause at all. And the person who has gone mad will usually seek help as soon as they realise they have lost the plot.
Shouldn’t “going mad” be recognised as a medical emergency?


I suppose “going mad” could also be considered a medical emergency?
I mean going into a catatonic state where you do nothing at all except stare at the wall, is quite a terrifying experience to an outside observer.
If someone is in that state it should be treated like any other medical emergency, the sooner it’s treated the better (hopefully without too much harm).
The symptoms in the catatonic state aren’t going to always be “mild” so the quicker a patient is taken to the hospital the better their chances are of regaining consciousness.


How to interpret the output of the ‘which’ command?

I have a directory called lib with files called my.jar and
To install my dependencies into my MANIFEST.MF of I need to change the MANIFEST.MF. So I use ‘which’ to check if which has this rights:
which my
which: command not found
Which is to say, it is not on PATH. It is on my filesystem.
I just have one doubts, What is the output of this command (for example, when I want to know the path of a directory of the my.jar file which is in my lib directory)?
The command not found error tells me there is no directory called my in my home directory, but I am pretty sure that the my.jar file is on my lib directory. What is the meaning of the first output? How to interpret that command?