Stationary Surveillance

The 1’s and 2’s of Stationary Surveillance

Now that you know what to bring along with you (because of course, you’ve read out Stakeout Essentials Blog), you’re ready to learn 1’s and 2’s of Stationary Surveillance. Unfortunately, one cannot predict what the man upstairs has in mind to occur during the day and there are always unforeseen circumstances that may get in the way of your surveillance however, there are things that you as an investigator can do to minimize any mess-ups, distractions, or attention to yourself.

Many times we use stationary surveillance in order to make sure an individual is doing what they’re supposed to be doing or to prove that they aren’t. For example, an attorney generally signs a contract stating that should they leave the firm and open their own practice that they cannot attempt to “steal” any of the other attorneys or staff to come work with him or her at their new firm. Should they do that they’re then in breach of their contract and they can be sued. During a stationary surveillance, an investigator may sit outside of the former employee’s new office and watch to see if any employees show up to what could be an interview or meeting. The PI can then advise you of any activity and you will be able to ascertain whether an employee may be interviewing or attempting to leave in order to work at the former employee’s new firm.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is keeping a distance from the subject. You never want to be too close to the subject that you’re following, that is what you have binoculars for and zoom on your camera and/or cell phone. Never get too close, that is how you get caught. Always keep in mind that just because you’re in a car with tint, doesn’t mean that you won’t get caught, if you have to later on follow an individual somewhere they might recognize your car so you always want to be sure to minimize the attention to yourself and your vehicle.

As a private investigator you also need to keep in mind that even if you’re doing the exact same job everyday, the surroundings you’re in may change so always be prepared and have a back up plan. A road may be shut down or there may be too many people around that they location you’re in just isn’t good for you that day. Always be prepared to relocate and have a second and third option as to where you’ll be for the day. Above all, always make sure that wherever you’re going to be that you’re safe and always aware of your surroundings.