Mettler Toledo B520 Manual NEW!

Mettler Toledo B520 Manual NEW!


Mettler Toledo B520 Manual

Mettler Toledo B520 Calibration Manual
Mettler Toledo B520 Replacement Parts/Warranty Card Download
Mettler Toledo B520 User Manual
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On February 2016 the new version of “Roland Stx2 Professional Digital Mixing Console Manual” is available. As in the previous releases.
Roland Stx2 Professional Digital Mixing Console User Manual.
Roland Stx2 Professional Digital Mixing Console Operations Manual.
Catalog no: 43900.
PDF file.
27 pages.
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Prolog: Multiple variables in rules

How do I write multiple variables in rules in Prolog?
Instead of working, it basically says it is improper syntax and I’m not sure why (but please correct me if I am wrong):

run([end_test(EndTest), main_control(EndTest)].
run(Goal, [StartEvent, action(EndEvent)]) :-
run(Goal, Actions),
execute(EndEvent, StartEvent),
run([], []).
execute([EndEvent], [StartEvent]) :-
type(EndEvent, event(_)).
execute([], []).