HD Online Player (Ice Age 4 Movie Mp4 In Hindi)


HD Online Player (Ice Age 4 Movie Mp4 In Hindi)

All the links to the download links below work… I have tried multiple browsers, downloaded the file into my computer, checked that I have java and flash installed, but I cannot find the download link on the site. I will be downloading the DVD and will post the link once it is available on the site. Thanks for your help.


To be able to download the file through Flash, you need to be a member. Because the site does not offer any download buttons for non-members, I assume they want their membership to be super-exclusive (probably so that most people would not be able to join, and have to download the torrent instead). As you can see the links in the answer above, but many members have complained that they were not able to download through the above links. In such cases, the above mentioned links are only available to users registered at the official website, and are accessible through a member area.
If you have not yet signed up, you can do it here. If you are going to use the paid version of the site, you will have to create an account, and download the membership file from the confirmation email, and then enter the code to log in.


Issue with removing the first element from a list

I’m currently developing an application where I need to remove the first element of a list.
My code is:
def remove_first_from_list(list_name, mylist) :
element = list_name.pop(0)
raise IndexError(‘list does not have an element’)
return mylist

When I run the code, I get an IndexError: “list does not have an element”
However, when I run:

It runs perfectly and removes the first element from the list.
I just need the function to remove the first element from the list.
Can someone please explain to me why it would work if I use.remove(), but won’t work if I use.pop()?


Try this
def remove_first_from_list(list_name, mylist) :

IMDb5.229 min

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Production Co: Ice Age: Continental Drift
DVD Release Date: June 25, 2012
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