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BlogPiccs (formerly Picasa Image Plugin) Free Download

We developed a plug-in to replace a little old picasa plug-in for windows live writer. With a simple mouse click the pictures of an online Picasa album will be integrated into your blog.
After updating your blog (“Online” button in live writer) you will see the new gallery. You will be able to add photos from your online Picasa albums.

Simple, easy to use and fast.
– Easy to use.
– Fast.
– All you need.
– No subscriptions needed.
– No limitations on the file sizes of your pictures.
BlogPiccs is free for the first 100,000 photos. After that it is charged by photo.
The license is:
“The program is free. However, if you need to use this program for commercial purposes, we are granting you the following license:
For each 100,000 uploads you will pay 50 euro. The program will be updated accordingly (no limit)”
Other features:
– Pictures of online albums from the Picasa site will be converted to a format recognized by BlogPiccs and are then embedded in the blog (Picasa album templates are available).
– A template which can be used for a slideshow is available.
– The pictures of an online album can be saved to your computer to be used later.
– The pictures can also be linked to other pages of your site to enable cross-posting.
– Pictures can be renamed and deleted.
– The size and the size of the frames are adjustable.
– You can position pictures inside frames.
– The default picture is replaced by a picture selected randomly.
– The width of the frames is adjustable.
– You can change the image quality of your pictures.
– Your pictures can be added to a gallery for your personal use.
Please send us your suggestions:
You are welcome to send us your suggestions about the program via the contact page.
You are also welcome to provide additional information (which of the functions are missing, and which of the functions you’d like to see in the future) via the contact page.
Free version:
The free version of BlogPiccs is limited to the first 100,000 pictures. After that you have to pay for the photos.
If you want to try out the program before purchasing, just go to the website and click on the “buy now” button.
If you want to buy a license for

BlogPiccs (formerly Picasa Image Plugin) Crack + Free Download [Updated] 2022

· auto-detection of online album images (slideshow images, thumbnails)
· easy picture management with basic features (hide, delete)
· you can store your images online in your Picasa account
· you can navigate your albums like a local directory
· you can search for images using the Picasa search engine
· you can edit your images with crop and size
· you can use PictureFrame for absolute control over your images
· you can link an image (post) to another image (link)
· you can share images to web sites via ImageLinks
· you can upload images in your personal online Picasa albums
· You can create custom albums and link them to your blog
· you can use the built in navigation bar to start a slideshow
· you can use PictureFrame to create absolute thumbnails of your online pictures
· you can share pictures online with ImageLinks
· you can create a background picture for your blog
· you can hide pictures in your albums
· you can sort your images by name, date, and size
· you can rename your images
· you can edit the text descriptions of your images
· you can edit the text of your album descriptions
· you can create slideshows with images
· you can create slideshows with image galleries
· you can link an image (post) to another image (link)
· you can create an index page to browse your images by date
· you can add photo folders to your Picasa account
· you can download selected images from your Picasa album
· you can save images to your computer
· you can manage your pictures like a photo library
· you can add text to your images
· you can sync selected Picasa albums to your local computer
· you can print images to your printer
· you can create custom backgrounds
· you can make comments on your images
· you can organize your pictures into “Contacts”, “Reference”, “Pictures”, “Favorites”, “Works” and “Shared”
· you can manage your contacts using the integrated contact management
· you can add contacts in your contacts book
· you can share your contacts to your friends
· you can upload multiple contacts to your contact list
· you can view the details of the most recently used contacts
· you can share your contacts with e-mails
· you can create new contacts from the address book
· you can delete unused contacts
· you can export

BlogPiccs (formerly Picasa Image Plugin) [Latest-2022]

Pictures are important. But they are not only “pictures”, even pictures of important events, faces or artistic creations might tell a lot about your life and your attitude. For this reason we created the possibility to access picasa images from your blog directly. You don’t need to upload the images again. All you need to do is just copy the link of the image from your picasa account (and the image itself) into the appropriate field. There you can also link the picasa image to another image. This is possible with “link to this image” in the settings. You can add comments or add a trackback to this image, in order to make the entry of this image more important and get backlinks for your blog. The integrated Calendar allows you to find suitable event times easily and link them.

BlogPiccs is successor of the Picasa Plugin for Windows Live Writer, which offered users the possibility to insert Picasa images within their blogs.
BlogPiccs uses newest technologies (Linq, WPF, dot.NET 3.5) und comes with the following features:
· embedding of pictures of online picasa albums in your personal blog
· linking with various options (slideshow, album, image, url, etc.)
· modifying various visual properties like margin, frame, positioning
· online album creation
· upload of images in your personal online Picasa albums
BlogPiccs (formerly Picasa Image Plugin) 2.0 Version:
· album creation via the browser
· easy viewing of albums
· many other changes

Picasa 3.0
The Picasa website says: The Picasa Web Albums service offers you easy-to-use tools for organizing and sharing photos online.
The service allows you to upload your photos from a computer and quickly add them to a personal web album that you can share with friends and family.
The Picasa Web Albums service makes it easy to:
★ Create a Web Album
★ View, manage, and work on your photos
★ Edit and modify your album
★ Share your photos
★ Email or upload your photos to other Web sites
The service automatically saves the URLs to your photos so you can view them from any computer you use. It’s fast and easy.
To get started, just visit to create your free album.
To learn more about

What’s New In BlogPiccs (formerly Picasa Image Plugin)?

BlogPiccs offers users the possibility to insert pictures from your personal Picasa account into your personal blog.

BlogPiccs supports the following options:
· Slide show
· Link to Picture or Album
· Number of pictures per slide
· Resolution of pictures
· Custom HTML elements (title, size, link, etc.)
· Navigation to other albums
· Alias for pictures (Only if you have more than one)
· Online album creation
· The possibility to upload pictures into your personal online Picasa album

Show off your pictures in style and also make a transition from one picture to another with the help of different pre made themes.

Advantage BlogPiccs:

* Paste multiple images or one single image at once
* Change the size of images
* Crop the pictures before inserting them
* Insert images into a blog or from the online gallery
* Show preview or full size of the pictures
* Manage albums with multiple pictures at once
* Show pictures without selecting your pictures
* Edit your pictures before pasting them
* Import pictures from online gallery
* Import pictures from online album
* Change the font and background color
* Adjust the colors for better viewing
* Change the background color of the pre made theme
* Create your own themes and set all pictures in the right position

Version BlogPiccs:

BlogPiccs 1.0

Integration with WLW

Compatibility with Picasa 3.0

BlogPiccs 1.1

Integration with Windows Live Framework

Compatibility with Picasa 3.0

BlogPiccs 1.2

.NET 3.5

Compatibility with Picasa 3.0

BlogPiccs 1.3

Interfaces with WPF and Linq

Compatibility with Picasa 3.0

BlogPiccs 1.4

Use the latest version of Linq

Compatibility with Picasa 3.0

BlogPiccs 1.5

Online album creation

Compatibility with Picasa 3.0

BlogPiccs 1.6

Read your pictures from online gallery

Compatibility with Picasa 3.0

BlogPiccs 1.7

Support for HTML and CSS templates

Compatibility with Picasa 3.0

BlogPiccs 1.8

Support for Office 2007

Compatibility with Picasa 3.0

BlogPiccs 1.9

Show the possibility to change the order of pictures

Compatibility with Picasa 3.0

BlogPiccs 1.10

Insert multiple

System Requirements For BlogPiccs (formerly Picasa Image Plugin):

OS: Windows Vista or later
Processor: 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD equivalent or better
Memory: 1 GB
Hard Drive: 200 MB
Graphics: Video card with 16MB VRAM
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes: Downloaded from
Processor: 2 GHz Intel