Best Cars for a Surveillance Stakeouts

Does the car you drive really matter when engaging in a surveillance stakeout?

During a surveillance stakeout, there are many things to consider as a private investigator; your appearance, safety, gadgets, but one of the most important things is your CAR. You can’t drive a red Range Rover and think that you’ll go unnoticed, you have to think smart when choosing a vehicle. Having the wrong surveillance vehicle cannot only blow your cover while on a stakeouts, but depending on the individual you’re following can put you in serious danger.

The main things to keep in mind when choosing a vehicle for a stakeout is to choose a color that blends in, most people that live in the city drive black or grey cars, most people that live in more rural areas drive black, brown, dark grey, and dark green cars. Should you be following someone that you know and they know the car that you drive, you may need to rent a car as to not blow your cover. As stated above – no bright colors and no outrageous cars, keep it simple, drive a Honda or a Toyota, a car that is regularly driven. Lastly, be sure to have your windows tinted, this will help you to keep your cover. People will not be able to see into your car as easily, and this is a positive for you in regards to the person you’re following not being able to see you but also running into people that you know. You don’t want someone to realize you’re driving next to them or parked next to them and get stuck into a conversation with a friend or acquaintance. If you do, you may lose your target, blow your cover, and screw your job for the day and we all know we don’t want that to happen.

Be sure to keep these tips in mind prior to renting or buying a new car should your vehicle be used for any surveillance stakeouts. Think SMART.