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On February 14, 2003, Autodesk announced AutoCAD Free Download 2004, a major revision to AutoCAD. AutoCAD 2004 added features such as intelligent extraction and rendering, improved collaboration, and more.

AutoCAD is a registered trademark of Autodesk, Inc.

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AutoCAD is an app that you install on your computer and that is used as a program for drawing, such as making designs, creating construction plans, engineering drawings, etc. When you start the app, it will give you a list of all the files in your hard drive that have been opened recently. If you have a lot of files, you will see something like this.

Use left arrow to select your file, and then right arrow to choose your drawing. AutoCAD will open the file.

AutoCAD 2020 is released as a 64-bit version of AutoCAD. Compared with its predecessor, AutoCAD 2018, AutoCAD 2020 provides greater integration with other Autodesk apps, improved compatibility with other applications, and is faster and more reliable.

AutoCAD has three main components:

Design and modeling – This is the core application and is what creates the drawing objects that make up the final drawing.

Drafting – This is the software that allows you to draw, layout, view, and manage the drawing in context.

All-in-one – This provides integration with other AutoCAD programs and is used for exchanging data, retrieving data, and sharing files with other programs.

Use AutoCAD to produce architectural, engineering, mechanical, and structural drawings that are used in a variety of industries and professions. This includes buildings, bridges, highways, railroads, ships, airplanes, and other structures. AutoCAD has a robust feature set for architectural design that includes project-based, resource-based, and tool-based environments.

AutoCAD provides several types of views for drawing:

3D layout

2D layout

2D schematic

2D drawing

2D edit


See Drafting Views for additional drafting views.

Use the 3D modeling tools to create a 3D model of a structure, or work with a 2D model to make a 3D representation. You can use 3D modeling to make 3D views of any 2D model, or you can work on a 2D model in a 3

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Drawings can be added as objects to an Inventor file, allowing the Autodesk Design Suite to create Inventor models for viewing 3D, and to create and manipulate 2D models in the design process.

The DWG format, like DGN, it is not a true CAD format, and is more a standard for storage of structural design drawings and modelling. However, Autodesk has made the DWG format an Application Programming Interface (API) for true CAD. A DGN file can be converted into a DWG file. For many other file formats, such as MicroStation, AutoCAD Crack For Windows Architecture, and other AutoCAD products, there are native OpenCascade file readers and writers. With native support for OpenCascade comes support for contour, free-form and b-rep features.

Topological modeling

AutoCAD and other CAD systems have support for topological modeling. A topological model is an accurate representation of a complex shape such as a building, road network, or an interior of a room.

The topological model provides a foundation for many other calculations including total volume, height, area, perimeter, and minimum path. Topological modeling is also useful in mechanical design where it can be used to measure the efficiency of internal components such as gears and bearings.

Topological modeling may be done by hand or with a TopoPart, or tool by the built-in ShapeEditor toolbox, or with tools such as the Topology tool or the CenterPolygon tool.

There is also a topological modeling extension, called Topo

3D printing

AutoCAD has built-in support for exporting to STL, IGES and STEP.

With the release of AutoCAD 2016, AutoCAD has added full support for 3D printing.


PDF is the most common document format used by AutoCAD to export data. It is a file format that allows easy interchange of information between a variety of applications and operating systems.

AutoCAD 2018 and later has built-in support for PDF/X-3, allowing for advanced features such as document protection and automatic redaction, and it also has built-in support for color-coding that does not require additional tools.

AutoCAD can also be used for creating PDFs with advanced features such as bookmarks, transparency, and special layout.

AutoCAD can also create PDF

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Autodesk users can open or save documents in AutoCAD 2023, and then open them in AutoCAD LT 2023. (LT users, please update to AutoCAD LT 2020 SP1 to open or save documents.)

For AutoCAD LT 2020 users, new communication preferences are now saved per document and can be applied for all AutoCAD LT or AutoCAD LT for Windows applications.

Improved Edge Offset and Cap Offset calculations

Reach out further into your work with improved offset calculations. You can now get accurate edge and cap offsets, faster and more precisely, when you offset with the Direct Selection tool.

For example, offset with the SELECT tool changes what’s selected for offsets. When you offset an edge, the offset applies to the visible part of the edge, not the edge geometry itself. To work around this, you can use the Edge Offset Method property. Now, instead of changing what’s selected for an offset, the Edge Offset Method property changes what’s being offset.

Better sketching with Autodesk Graphite

Import a lot of data with one import operation. With the increased storage capacity of modern computer systems, you can now import up to 100,000 points with one file. No more re-sketching!

In addition, Graphite is a new application in AutoCAD 2023 that supports the new storage and handling of large models. Graphite is included with every product license and available for commercial customers.

Improved precision of drawing objects

In AutoCAD LT, when you create or edit objects, you can now have greater precision. Now, when you create or edit a complex object, like a multiline polyline or spline, the tool tip is accurate. You can more accurately place tools and control objects in your drawing.

When you try to edit a drawing, you’ll see an accuracy warning if you’re creating an object with too many vertices.

You can take a look at all of these improvements in the What’s New in AutoCAD 2023 video.

Unified notation for faster creation of complex drawings

With AutoCAD LT 2023, you can create complex drawings without the need to use different notation styles. You can use standard notation, landmark notation, or BIS notation. You can also create complex drawings faster with automatic management of notation.

Supports the latest AutoCAD LT programming environments

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, 8 or Windows 10
Processor: Dual Core 2 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Disk: 10 GB available space
Additional Notes:
Drivers and other information:
User Account Control will ask you to allow running the game with administrator privileges. Click Yes.
Select Yes to the “enable the NVIDIA Control Panel” question.
Continue with the installation.