Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations Rely on Facts – Get the Facts Straight at Desnoes Investigations!

In any criminal investigation, there is a basic question that must be answered: “Did the defendant intentionally commit the crime they’ve been accused of?” While it may seem apparent depending on the situation at hand, it comes down to one thing: The facts.

Unfortunately, the wrong investigative firm can confuse the facts, making it difficult as an attorney or prosecuting agency to make your case. By partnering with an investigative firm, such as Desnoes Investigations, you can ensure that you have the facts you need to make your case.


A Team Comprised of Law Enforcement Officials, Detectives, and Investigators for Peace of Mind

When you partner with Desnoes Investigations, you’re partnering with a team comprised of criminal detectives, retired police officers, and private and homicide investigators, all of whom have years of experience in this field. As such, you can turn to us with your needs knowing that we will deliver the necessary facts and information required.

Moreover, our team is dedicated to revealing facts and evidence that can either prove or disprove the guilt of the defendant. This means that at the conclusion of our investigation, we’ll be able to provide you with everything you need to realize the outcome of a criminal investigation in court.


In any Criminal Investigation, Turn to Desnoes Investigations for Your Needs

Regardless of whether you’re an attorney or another individual involved in a criminal investigation proceeding, Desnoes Investigation is the South Florida authority on matters such as these.

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