We’ve Got Background Searches Down to a Science

Locating the business, person, or professional license you’re looking for can be quite a challenge. It can be an even greater challenge if you partner with an ineffective or inefficient private investigation firm that leaves you without answers and with little more than wasted money.

At Desnoes Investigations, we utilize a broad range of tools, technology, and expertise to guarantee a successful outcome to your investigation. We work with professionals and private individuals alike to ensure that no matter who you are or the investigative services you require, we can help.

No Two Searches are Alike, Making Customized Services a Necessity

While the tools and process of finding a business or person may remain relatively similar from case to case, the unique details of a case don’t. As such, it’s vital that you find an agency that not only offers a broad range of services, but one that also does so with your unique needs, preferences, and the facts of your case in mind.

Our experienced team takes a personalized approach to every case. In doing so, we guarantee a smooth process and a successful outcome, regardless of what your case entails.

Background searches aren’t all alike. In fact, you may be searching for one of many different things.

Begin Your Search-Related Services at Desnoes Investigations

Locating specific information about individuals who have gone missing or you’ve lost touch with, businesses, and professional licenses can be a challenge. By partnering with Desnoes Investigations, you can begin and conclude an investigation quickly to get the answers you need.

Get started with our team by contacting one of our experts at 954-975-0210 or by email at desnoesag@aol.com. We look forward to speaking with you and being your go-to resource for any search-related services!

Our Search-Related Services

Person Search

Locating individuals can be challenging, but not with the right approach. Our firm utilizes databases and relies on our over 30 years of expertise to locate individuals in Florida and throughout the United States. Many of our person searches can be resolved within 24 hours upon request and with regard to the unique details of your case.

Business Search

Business searches are often used to obtain records regarding businesses to identify potential relationships. A business search will grant you information such as a company’s name, last, first, and middle names, Social Security numbers, street addresses, and Federal Employer Identification Numbers (FEINs).

Professional Licenses

Professional license records reveal names, addresses, Social Security numbers, license numbers, states, status, type, profession/board, issue, expiration, renewal dates, and contact information. Your search will be state-specific, so keep in mind that you will need that information prior to beginning your search.

FAA Pilots

Pilot records are available and will include the following information: Full name and street address. We can also obtain more specific information such as letter, certification type, expiration date, and ratings.

Intelligent Investigations