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Asset Recovery Searches That Help You Investigate, Locate, and Secure What You’re Owed

It isn’t uncommon for individuals to hide assets whether as part of a civil lawsuit or otherwise. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult to collect assets you’re owed or to even determine whether or not they exist and where they’re currently being kept.

At Desnoes Investigations, we rely on over 30 years of expertise and decades in business to investigate, locate, and recover assets. By doing so, we ensure you can collect on your judgment and get to the bottom of virtually any situation or asset in question.

Our Comprehensive Services Can be Used to Locate Countless Assets…

…and by countless assets, we mean more than just physical goods. In fact, our comprehensive asset search services can be used to:

  • Determine income potential
  • Search a property history
  • Search vehicle titles
  • Verify employment
  • Verify bank accounts
  • Determine business ownership
  • Examine airplane titles; and
  • Locate motorcycles, boats, ATVs, vessels, vacation properties, and other, tangible vessels


Whether the assets are in the name of an individual or have been transferred to another, we guarantee our ability to get to the bottom of any situation. Moreover, we can locate all assets, whether they’re being kept where you think they are being kept somewhere else entirely.

Don’t Waste Time With Inefficient Firms That Rely on Public Record Databases

Too many private investigation firms sell their asset recovery searches and then turn to public record databases for their information. This is ineffective and often, won’t result in the information you need.

At Desnoes Investigations, we rely on the expertise and experience of each of our investigators to uncover the truth in your unique situation. We never rely on the surface-level information available to the public and instead, use surveillance and other techniques to identify assets and resolve the matters in your case.


Do You Need to Locate Assets? Contact the Team at Desnoes Investigations!

If you’ve recently received a civil judgment from a lawsuit or are considering filing a lawsuit, asset recovery services are in your best interest. By working with our firm, you will enjoy 24-hour customer service and personalized services that accommodate your unique needs.


To get started with our team, contact us at 954-975-0210 or by email at We look forward to your call and utilizing our expertise to your advantage in any asset recovery case!

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